Antioch Church is excited to have Simon Dunn as our Worship Pastor. To find out more about Simon and his wife Jessica, their passion for worship, and their journey from England to Dallas, TX, visit our staff page or click on the thumbnail to the left to watch a video message.

WATCH THE VIDEO on Vimeo to hear a personal message from Simon. 

passionate about worship

Antioch Worship is passionately pursuing a journey of discovery and understanding of the power of a unified response to God’s presence and love for His people. Understanding that worship music is an integral part of today’s church, Antioch Worship takes that understanding to move beyond simply hearing the truth, to expressing that truth back to our Creator. Antioch Worship uses worship as a catalyst for change that helps to transform our temporary view of who we are and how we see God, to an intimate exchange between every believer and the Creator of Heaven and earth. United with one voice, Antioch Worship is committed to leading the Body into a place of intimate worship and an understanding of the power of worship. This remains a mission that is more important than the music itself, and one that has become an essential part of Antioch’s culture.