Antioch Church supports World Ministry Partners across the globe. These are seasoned, long-time ministry friends and partners that receive our prayers, encouragement and financial support. We also support a number of people working in closed-access countries. 

  • Dale & Evelyn Yerton

    LOCATION: World Ministry

  • Jan Tennyson / Dare to Dream


  • Jonathan & Rachel Schmidt

    LOCATION: United Kingdom

  • Phil & Bess Phillips / God Loves Kids

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  • Nickie & Sandi Geldenhuys

    LOCATION: World Ministries

  • Danjiel & Eva Mrsic

    LOCATION: Croatia

  • Eduardo & Priscilla Ribeiro

    LOCATION: Campinas, Brazil

  • Charles Green

    LOCATION: World Ministry

  • Matt & Carol Long

    LOCATION: World Ministry

  • Steve & Rhonda Ashworth

    LOCATION: Amsterdam

  • Ryan & amy blair

    LOCATION: Southeast Asia

  • Evangel Bible Translators

    LOCATION: World Ministries

  • Avi & Chaya Mizrachi

    LOCATION: Middle East

  • Andre & Danielle Scultori

    LOCATION: Brazil and World Ministries

  • David & Jonathan Shibley / Global Advance

    LOCATION: World Ministries

  • David & Louise Yeghnazar / Elam

    LOCATION: Iran

  • Thomas & Holly Schmidt

    LOCATION: Panama