Our Children’s Ministry is passionate about helping every child to grow in Christ, connect in community and join the mission. We know that children are on a journey with God, and our heart is to help them grow closer to Him on that journey as they discover His love and truth in relevant, age-appropriate ways.

TeamKidz! are getting their very first look at who God is and what His love means to them, so we strive to give them a first impression of God in such a way that it makes a lasting impression in their hearts.

We all need a second voice in our lives. Kids especially need a second voice to navigate through difficult life circumstances and give wise direction when it matters most. In fact, every child needs someone in their life who believes in them and gives them a place to belong. To help create the best environment possible for this “second voice” to resonate, we elevate community for kids in our Children's Ministry.

During these significant early childhood years, kids are full of wonder and learn through discovery. Therefore, all of our hands-on activities, games, crafts, singing and storytelling are geared towards helping them experience and connect with Bible stories and God’s basic truths in real, relevant and engaging ways.

how to check-in

TeamKidz is for ages 6 months to 6th grade. If you're considering visiting Antioch Church for the first time and bringing children, you can check them into their classes at the TeamKidz Check-In station at the Welcome Center. When you come in the main entrance, go directly up the stairs to the Welcome Desk and one of our TeamKidz Servant Leaders will be available to answer any questions about our Children's Ministry and help you get your child checked in.